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To become a trustworthy and long-term partner to our customers in a broad variety of industries, including military & defense, by providing high-quality, innovative products and services in a timely manner, leveraging our world-class know-how and UAE's heritage. Mechatronic assure our clients a safer environment through our innovative products and advanced research and manufacturing technologies throughout our experience and defense based equipment productivity. We stay ahead of the curve with leading innovative solutions to cater to the needs of our military industry.

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    We are very passionate about what we do. The fact that we are able to offer enhanced capabilities, and reduce the risks, of those who protect us, drives us to do more, and do better each day

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    Within all levels in the organization, we operate with an intrinsic understanding that whatever we do, needs to have a clear cut well defined purpose at its core, and that is to serve the immediate requirement of our customers to their complete satisfaction.

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    We conduct our business with highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with employees, associates, customers.

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    Every soldier needs to have confidence in the equipment that’s protecting him. We use only the best and proven raw materials and components to manufacture our products. Our products comply with the most stringent quality management systems and certifications in the world.


Mechatronic stands for trust, technology and expertise. The trust placed in our products and expertise for several countries is testimony to our performance and commitment. We are extremely proud of the fact that we are in a position to reduce risks and increase capability of brave hearts who stand in the line of life threatening and dangerous duty for our freedom and protection. We are committed to develop only the best, most advanced and proven solutions for them.


Mechatronic is a global leader and has remained committed to developing the most realistic and practical firearms simulators, crew training simulators, and live fire facilities available to the government and public. Mechatronic offers progressive training solutions for all skill levels while focusing on the core principle of “train as you fight” and being adaptable to individual customer needs. Our training solutions augment existing programs with safe alternatives, technologically advanced simulations for immersive training, or cutting edge live-fire range facilities.


Target retrieval system is an overhead target retrieval system with a 180° turning target mechanism (The Friend or Foe exercise) that is specifically designed for dynamic and scalable training at the indoor shooting ranges. The target is designed to meet the specific training needs of practical shooters. The overhead retrievable system has several operation modes - forward, backward, stop and turn. The target silhouette has several target presentation modes (The Friend or Foe exercise). The silhouette can be turned around on at any position on the track. This system helps to train the decision-making skills for the shoot-or-don't-shoot scenarios. The driving unit and the control device are installed on a solid steel plate. The product is constructed from stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel, which makes it robust and long-lasting.


Moving target system designed for the running boar discipline. The system consists of hardware and electronic scoring software that ensures fast, easy and safe receipt of hit information. There is no need to go to the target area to see the score. The shooting score is displayed on your computer or tablet. For the ultimate training experience, the system can also be configured to record near misses (shots made outside the target card area) and can also be detected and displayed. This gives considerable added value for missed hits analysis.


We understand that your tactical team needs excellent training in the field to cultivate smart decision making in high-pressure situations. That is why we created the Go anywhere, Train anywhere, man portable wireless Pop-Up Target(PT-61A) .It is the standard hit reactive pop-up version of the industry-leading MECHATRONIC series. So it is a portable, pop-up, shoot/ don’t shoot, programmable and reactive steel sniper target system. MECHATRONIC Targets pioneered shoot/don’t shoot training target systems with the development of the Duel-A-Tron. Scenario training requires versatile targets like the latest Duel-A-Tron inspired "PT" series of shoot/don’t-shoot targets. Consequently, MECHATRONIC Targets has continued to set the bar for use-of-lethal-force decision making. The Wireless Pop-Up Target PT-61A is a programmable, pop-up, radio controlled hit-reactive target mechanism. Therefore, the PT-61A has the following unique features:

  • Battery power or 120V AC
  • Standard 600-meter, with an optional 2,000-meter wireless range
  • Hit reactive, counting/scoring
  • Fully programmable
  • Reacts to all simulated munitions and airsoft
  • Lightweight, portable and stationary


The “LOMAH” system is our latest developed system and has been delivered in large numbers to many customers since 2006. LOMAH is a calibration free acoustic scoring system suitable for scoring of all supersonic caliber sizes. Typical areas of application:

  • Firing range and combat soldier training SASS-4/9
  • Tank Target Scoring System TTSS-4/9
  • All type of static and moving targets, including pop-up targets
  • Aircraft firing against ground targets ATG
  • The use of a scoring system will increase the throughput and make the validation of the gunners efficient and very cost effective.
  • The firing result is presented on a Visual Display Unit (VDU-1) placed close to the gunner. Several target figures are available, such as half and full size soldier figures, or a ten ring standard target.
  • Up to 10 ea. lanes each containing several SASS units can be connected to a Range Office Presentation Unit (ROPU) for presentation of the firing result. The result can be printed as well.


These products are chosen more often than any other for their ballistic properties and durability. Shooting Ranges require a high level of maintenance to ensure ballistic integrity and safety. Using Dura-Panel products is a great low maintenance option for your wall and ceiling coverings. Designed to stop and capture rounds, virtually eliminating any ricochet, back splatter or re-direct. This design not only prevents rounds from bouncing around down range, but also saves on ventilation costs by reducing airborne dust particles.


Mechatronic is dedicated to being your one-stop shop for all things shooting range related. From the initial range installation to the ongoing supplies and maintenance, we have you covered. Make sure your range is fully equipped with everything you need to keep it running from lead abatement and removal supplies, to eye and ear protection. For our full line of range supplies please contact us.

  • Range cleaning supplies
  • Medical & first-aid kits
  • Firearms safety devices
  • Range accessories
  • Target pasters
  • Rifle sighting rests


Extensive maintenance of facilities, range operating software and target is essential to ensure that the full capability of the range is maximized for the end user. Mechatronic has a well-trained team and highly qualified staff that can conduct either scheduled or reactive maintenance on-site. We offers a diverse line of target retrieval systems to meet any range’s needs. Whether the top priority is training or customer retention and revenue generation, Mechatronic’s retrievers are designed to engage shooters in a compelling and skill-enhancing experience. Offering revolutionary wireless technology, dynamic target presentation and intuitive user interfaces, Mechatronic retrievers have been proven to increase the skill level of any shooter.


Mechatronic offers a safe, reliable and cost effective Gun Range Cleaning service with the removal and disposal of lead, lead dust, brass and other hazardous waste. Our experienced team focuses on safety, regulatory compliance and liability management. Our technicians and project managers are properly trained to handle lead and control lead dust during range cleaning with the use of the appropriate PPE and safety equipment. We are uniquely positioned to serve the range cleaning needs of major retailers, private gun range owners, military, and police customers throughout the field. Our highly trained team of professionals provide worry-free support for all of your cleaning and hazardous waste management needs.

  • Vacuuming floor to ceiling (Except Bullet Trap)
  • Checking all target holders
  • Checking all target carriers
  • Vacuum top of target track and check for brass
  • Tighten all nuts and bolts
  • Walk bullet trap to level
  • Remove debris from bullet trap such as shotgun wads, paper etc.
  • Check and fill hopper as needed.
  • Rake bullet trap and keep rubber behind red line
  • Clean stall glass and stall area.
  • Clean booth glass
  • Maintain clients HEPA vacuum (To include changing of filters and bags contractor supplies bags and filters)
  • Change out all burnt out light bulbs
  • Contractor agrees to provide coveralls and respirators
  • Contractor agrees to notify Range Master if they are not going to be there or late for maintenance
  • Advise range master of any problems
  • Empty all trash


  • Vacuum out rear of range behind bullet trap
  • Clean fan shroud in weapons cleaning area
  • Vacuum hallway just outside of range and weapons cleaning area


  • Change out air filters or as needed
  • Box up air filters in original boxes and label and put in hallway for pick up
  • Each box will be sealed with tape
  • Profile, containerize, manifest, transport and dispose of all hazardous waste




Shooting on steel targets is one of the most exciting things you can do on a range! The satisfaction of hearing that “clang” or seeing that target bounce or fall is not only fun, but it helps create muscle memory to make you a better shooter at the same time. Mechatronic offers a full line of portable steel shooting targets to enhance your new or existing range installation. With a variety of styles available, you’re sure to find something to fit your space, budget, and training needs. 

  • Made with quality steel that lasts
  • Provide instant audible feedback with hit
  • Add variability to your training scenarios
  • Have an entire line of compatible stands and accessories available to match
  • Provide visual feedback when using our reactive steel targets


Our certified trainers help you learn the basics and hone your shooting skills. From marksmanship and shooting techniques to firearm safety. You are a valued client and it is hoped that you will acknowledge that Shooting Training Solutions continues to represent the best trainers in the UAE today.  Mechatronic training Solutions is integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training systems for defense forces, law enforcement agencies and commercial shooting range around UAE. Certified Instructors provide an invaluable service in their communities by training hundreds of thousands of professionals annually to improve their shooting accuracy. Recognized nationally as the gold standard for safe firearm training, developing millions of safe, ethical, responsible shooters and instructors.

  • Infantry targets
  • Armored targets
  • Mobile targets
  • Entry point targets
  • Target retrieval systems
  • Range control systems
  • Hit detection
  • MOUT and CQB training systems
  • Shoot houses
  • Mobile ranges


Mechatronic can performs comprehensive range design and make an evaluation based on the requirement of our clients. We evaluates the proposed site to determine the proper placement and orientation of your range and the identification of any risks to its successful construction and operation. Mechatronic’s talented persons will work to address any risks by providing consultation to identify customized workable solutions. The early site design and consultation can save significant amounts of time, effort and money, through our proper planning stage.


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